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  高中英语带翻译作文 篇1

  Eating patterns change over time. Ingredients cannot be seen before in a country might begin to appear in local markets, shipped from abroad. Migration causes cultures to change, and eating patterns invariably reflect new influences.


  In the 20th century, few people have the time to go home for lunch,and many city dwellers find themselves in need of grabbing a bite to eat in a place close to their offices. As a result, the popularity of fast food and takeaway food has risen. In many urban areas, people who traditionally ate their main meal at midday now enjoy it in the evening,after work.


  Changing eating patterns have an effect on other aspects of society. Meals have traditionally been times when members of a family catch up with each other. Fast food and quick meals sometimes threaten such family get-together.


  高中英语带翻译作文 篇2

  I like to play basketball very much, so when I went to middle school, I joined the basketball team. Last week, our team had a match, we were against another school, all of us were so excited and wanted to win. When the match began, our team worked very slowly, we could not cooperate very well, because this was the first time for us to play. When half match time went, we lagged behind, our team leader called us together and told us we must get united, so that we could have the chance to win. Then we played hard and cooperated so well, we won the game at last, it was so amazing, union is strength.


  高中英语带翻译作文 篇3

  Today is fools day and its also my birthday.My name is Sam.Im 11 years old.

  In my birthday party,Mother usually buys some interesting books for me and my father usually buys a pair of beautiful shoes for me.I love my gifts.

  My friends are coming.The boys and girls are enjoying my birthday party.Theyre laughing and playing games.

  Now,Theyre eating sandwiches,cakes and fish.Theyre drinking apple juice and orange juice too.My birthday cake is very big.

  There are 11 candles on it.They say:happy birthday to Sam!Hip,Hip,Hurry!Hip,Hip,hurry!

  Oh,what a nice birthday party!





  高中英语带翻译作文 篇4

  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Some people take the view that sometimes in life we have to take chances in order to make progress. I admire such people. It certainly takes guts to take risks. Maybe it's because of my upbringing, but I am the type who usually plays it safe.

  People like me prefer the saying, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Conservative as it may be, it keeps me out of trouble. I must confess, however, that leading such a moderate life may, at times, be boring. Admittedly, my life is not half as colorful or exciting as other people's but at least it gives me a sense of security.



  高中英语带翻译作文 篇5

  Last August my parents and I went to Europe for a visit. We had a wonderful time there.

  It took us about ten hours to fly from Beijing to Budapest, Hungary. And then we visited France, Germany, Italy and other countries. Europe was really beautiful.

  The sky was blue, and the sunshine was bright. There were not so many tall buildings there as we had expected. Most of the people there were polite and friendly.

  I was glad that when I spoke a little English, they all understood. After we stayed there for half a month, I began to miss my hometown. I couldnt live there for a whole life, though it was beautiful.





  高中英语带翻译作文 篇6

  Last Friday was my birthday.We had a birthday party at school.

  We held it at the break time.My parents brought me a big birthday cake.

  I lit the candles and put them on the cake.My classmates sang the birthday song to me.I was so touching at the moment.

  I made a wish that I can study well and make progress every day.Soon after that,I cut the cake and shared it with my classmates.

  Although the birthday part lasted for 20 minutes,we all felt happy.





  高中英语带翻译作文 篇7

  My birthday is December 12th.

  Before my birthday,my friends suggested to have a party.But I don think that was creative enough.

  So we decided to go hiking to the country.On that day,my friends came to my house early.They brought me different kinds of gifts,such as books,cards,calendars,and photo albums,even a stuffed pig.

  Soon we started our trip.We found it was beautiful and funny out of the school.The cloud,the sunshine,the trees,flowers and the grass…all the things were interesting.

  They all said my birthday was special and fun.What a surprising birthday "party" !





  高中英语带翻译作文 篇8

  The Danger of Fake Commodities

  Today, fake commodities are quite common. In order to get high profits, some factories and companies produce fake commodities. Another cause of this phenomenon is that laws are not strict enough. Fake commodities can bring about great loss to both state and private property. A case in point is that if a consumer buys some fake medicine he will inevitably suffer much pain. The fake medicine may even cost his life.

  So every one of us has the duty to fight against fake commodities for our society and for ourselves.




  高中英语带翻译作文 篇9

  Keeping a diary in English does a great deal of good to my English study. Keeping a diary can help you review all the English knowledge you have learned. For example,you must know the correct spelling of each word needed in the diary;you must use the phrases correctly and choose the suitable sentence patterns,meanwhile,it is also necessary to use you knowledge of grammar in a correct way.用英语写日记对我们的英语学习很有好处。写日记可以帮助你复习你学过的英语知识。比如,你必须知道日记里用到的每个单词的正确拼写;你必须正确使用词组以及选择合适的句型,同时,正确使用你的语法知识也很必要。Keeping a diary can help you not only to console your knowledge of English,but to form the habit of thinking in English. Practice makes perfect. By and by,your English writing will be greatly improved.写日记不仅可以帮助你巩固你的英语知识,还可以养成用英语思考的.习惯。熟能生巧。渐渐地,你的英语写作会得到很大提高。

  高中英语带翻译作文 篇10

  College students, curious and energetic, love traveling; summer and winter vacations provide them with golden opportunities to travel. There are two major modes of travelling—traveling by oneself or traveling in a group organized by travel agencies.

  Those two patterns offer different travel experiences, with respective advantages and disadvantages. For the solitary traveler, the greatest advantage is freedom. He is perfectly free to choose his itinerary and plan his schedules, thus he can visit whatever his curiosity leads him to and contemplate over a historical site or a cultural relic for as long as he desires. The trouble is he cannot share his perceptions and excitement with any partners. Moreover, it is time-consuming and difficult to buy train tickets and look for accommodations and in emergency situations an individual traveler is largely helpless. Those problems are non-existent for group travelers because travel agencies take care of everything. Within a group, people who used to be strangers soon become friends. However, the fixed itineraries and tight schedule prevent travelers from satiating their individual curiosities. In addition, tourists are often subjected to forced shopping by tour guides who are more concerned with securing commissions than providing services.

  My solution to these two imperfect modes of traveling is to travel with friends or classmates. This pattern incorporates most of their advantages while avoiding all their disadvantages. I am convinced this is the best and most sensible form of traveling which everybody should adopt.


  此两种模式会带来不尽相同的旅行体验,不乏各自的优缺点。对于孤身一人的旅行者来说,最大的优点是自由。他完全可以随心所欲地选择旅行线路,规划行程安排;这样,其兴致所至,必心满意足;面对一处处历史古迹或文物,尽可发思古之幽, 而全无时间之羁绊。问题在于,其感受与兴奋之情,无可与人分享。此外,购买火车票和夜间投宿,既耗时亦费神。一旦突发意外,单枪匹马的旅行者很大程度上孤立无助。所有这些问题对于随团出游者来说均不存在,因为旅行社会安排好一切。在旅行团内部,原来的陌生人旋即就可成为朋友。然则,固定的旅游线路以及仓促的行程,往往会使旅行者无法满足每个人独特的好奇心。此外,旅客也常常被导游逼迫着去作强制性购物,这些导游花在赚取佣金上的心思,远超过如何来为游客提供服务。




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