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Dear Mr. Smith,

I’m Han Yinuo. I’m glad to learn that the first English spoken competition will be held soon. I’d like to work as a volunteer at it. Now let me introduce myself.

I’m a 14-year-old middle school student. I’m 1.68 meters in height. I have big eyes and long straight black hair. I’m outgoing and friendly. I’m good at making friends and ready to help others. Also, I have good communication skills and I am good with people. Above all, my English is good, especially my spoken English. So I believe I can do a good job.

If I become a volunteer, I promise I will try my best to help the competition.

I’m looking forward to your reply.


Han Yinuo


The person who impressed me a lot

Hello, everyone! There are many people in my life. Some didn’t make much of an impression on me while others impressed me deeply. Now, I want to introduce someone who impressed me a lot.

Three years ago, I went to a new school. No one knew me. I was lonely and afraid to make friends with anyone. Every time I heard my classmates talking and laughing, I felt even lonelier. One day a girl with long hair entered the classroom. She passed me, turned back and greeted me with a smile. Her smile made me feel warm and changed me. After that I learned to trust other people and make friends with others. Of course, the girl became my best friend. I learned many lessons from my outgoing and friendly friend. One of them was that when I smile at the world, it’ll smile back at me.

That’s all. Thank you!



After a busy school day, I usually relax by taking after-school activities. I go to the singing club on Tuesday where I sing folk songs or foreign songs. I also go to the walking club on Thursday and I walk with other members for an hour. I find that I get a lot of pleasure from singing and that I have become healthier than I used to be because of walking. Besides, I feel energetic and I don’t think studies are boring anymore. I have also made a lot of friends in these clubs.

In short, after-school activities make me relaxed and make my life colorful and meaningful.


Our school did a survey to ask if the school should delay the time school starts in the morning. About 92% of the students in our school agree with the idea. Here are their reasons.

First of all, they think if the time school starts is delayed, they can get enough sleep. That will make them more active in class so that they can study more efficiently. Secondly, delaying school start time in the morning will offer them more time to have breakfast. Breakfast provides energy for the whole morning. No breakfast will do harm to their health and study. What’s more, they won’t have to hurry to school, and they may have time to do some exercise in the morning to keep fit.

All in all, they think that delaying school start time in the morning is good for students. They are looking forward to it.



Hey, Janet! I can understand you. Sometimes I also have such a problem. I think it’s normal in our daily life. Here’s my advice.

First, you should think about why your friend is treating you like this. Maybe you have done something wrong to hurt her. If so, say sorry to her, and then she won’t be angry with you.

Second, you should try to find out if something has happened to her. Maybe she doesn’t feel sure of herself at school. Maybe she has other problems but is keeping them to herself. If so, try your best to encourage her and make her feel you are there to listen to her.

Third, maybe you shouldn’t worry about it. Maybe it has nothing to do with you. Maybe your friend just wants to be alone for a while. If this is true, respect her wishes, feelings and space.

That’s my advice. I hope it will help you.


In the picture, the parents are using their mobile phones. Their little boy is standing between them trying to get their attention. Maybe he wants to know why the adults are always on their phones, and not spending their time with him.

I think parents should set good examples for their children, so they should shut their phones off or spend less time on them. If so, parents will have more spare time to do lots of things with their children, like playing games, watching movies or playing sports, which can provide good chances to communicate with them. Good communication between parents and children is really necessary. It means children can share their happy things with their parents or talk about their problems so they can get some help from their parents. I think parents should always be there to listen to their children. It can not only help strengthen parent-child relationships but also help children’s development.


Today is Teachers’ Day. Our class celebrated it in our own way. We spent the whole morning having a party for our teachers in the classroom. At the beginning of the party, our head teacher Ms. Gao made a short speech. She gave her best wishes to all the teachers who teach us. Next, we gave flowers to the teachers and said thanks to them. Then our monitor read a poem “I love my teachers”. It was wonderful. We were all moved. After that we showed our love for our teachers through songs and dances. Some teachers who are good at singing and dancing also joined us. The classroom was full of singing and laughter.


Rules for a healthy life

Hey, friends. We all want to keep healthy but some of us don’t know how to keep healthy. Here are four rules for a healthy life.

First, exercise often. We should exercise for at least an hour every day, especially in the morning. For example, we can play table tennis and badminton. Exercising every morning is the best way to prevent illness.

Second, eat healthy food. We should eat fresh fruit and vegetables more instead of junk food. We should drink milk or yogurt every day instead of coffee or cola.

Third, have a good sleep. It’s necessary for us to get about eight hours’ sleep every night. We should go to bed early and get up early. A good sleep can make us energetic during the day.

Fourth, try to be happy and manage our stress. Keeping a good mood keeps us in high spirits and allows us to pay full attention to our study.

That’s all. Thank you for your listening!


How do we protect ourselves?

As middle school students, it’s very important for us to protect ourselves in our daily life. But how do we protect ourselves? Here’s my advice.

First, we must follow the school rules. For example, we mustn’t run after one another in the narrow hallway and crowd together or push others. Second, we should be careful about making friends, especially on the Internet. We should guard our personal information. Third, we mustn’t talk with strangers who offer us something and mustn’t accept gifts from strangers. Fourth, we shouldn’t walk late at night all by ourselves. When we’re in danger outside, we should call the police or people who are passing by for help.

In a word, if we follow these rules and take care of ourselves, we will grow up safely and healthily.


Hello, everyone! I did a survey of our classmates’ plans for the summer holidays. Here are the results.

15% of the students are going to have a yard sale. 20% want to learn a new life skill such as cooking, cleaning or first aid. 65% would like to do community volunteer work. They want to help old people do some chores or help kids with their studies.

As for me, I am ready to do community volunteer work. I am going to help old people carry their heavy bags or walk their dogs in the park. Also, I will organize some more volunteers to give a performance to the old. Why do I do these things for them? Because I think the old are lonely and they are too old to look after themselves. As a student, I should try my best to help those in need.


Last year English was difficult for me. First of all, it wasn’t easy for me to understand what the teacher said in class. She spoke too quickly for me to understand every word. Later on, I realized that it didn’t matter even if I didn’t understand every word. Also, I was afraid to speak in class because I thought my classmates might laugh at me. I couldn’t always make complete sentences, either. Then I started to watch English TV programs. They helped me a lot with my listening. Another thing that I found difficult was grammar. So I started to write sentences using correct grammar rules. It worked. I got an A this term and now I am enjoying learning English more and more.


Let’s do something to protect the environment!

Hello, everyone! Today there is more and more pollution and the environment is becoming worse and worse. So we have to do something to protect the environment. Here are some ways.

First, we should try our best to reduce the use of plastics. For example, we should use a cloth bag or a basket while shopping.

Second, we can go to school or work on foot or by bus instead of taking a car. This can not only protect the environment, but also be good for our health.

Third, we shouldn’t drop litter anywhere. We should put it into the rubbish bin. Also, we should sort the rubbish and recycle it.

Fourth, we should put up notices to advise others to protect the environment.

I believe if everyone makes an effort, the environment will become better and better.


Last week the members in our English club had a discussion about whether people living in an apartment should keep pets.

Some students think it’s good to keep pets because pets can make people who live alone feel less lonely. Also, being with pets makes people feel less stressed and helps people develop their patience.

However, some students don’t agree with keeping pets. They don’t think pets are as smart as people. They might make lots of noise and upset people. While they’re moving about outside, they might pee and poop everywhere, which pollutes the environment. What’s more, they might hurt people and spread diseases.

In my opinion, pets are people’s friends, so we should keep them. And I think if we take good care of them, they won’t hurt people or do harm to our environment.



Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Nuwa. She was very nice and lovely. Her father Emperor Yan loved her very much. He often played with her. One day Nuwa traveled alone by boat. The weather was fine when she set out. Later, it was terrible. Nuwa’s boat was knocked over by a strong wind. She fell into the sea and died. Then she changed into a bird. When the bird flew over the sea, she cried sadly, making the sound “Jingwei, Jingwei”. As a result, people called her Jingwei. Jingwei hated the sea so she decided to fill it with little stones. Although she faced many difficulties, she never gave up. Jingwei’s story tells us that we can never know what’s possible unless we try to make it happen.


I Believe I Can Fly is a nice song by R. Kelly. This song mainly tells us that confidence is very important. When a person has confidence, he believes in himself. He believes that he can and will succeed, and this gives him the courage to try new things. Dreams and confidence are what keep us going in the face of difficulties. No one can achieve success without them. If you believe you can fly, then you can really fly someday.

I think we should never give up whenever we meet any difficulty. We should remember confidence leads to success.